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Finding Ideas

Now tgat my kids are grown I try to find creative ways to spend my time besides just sitting in front of the television.  I’ve always loved to craft but with so many ideas out there where do you begin?  If your just starting out and don’t want to spend an arm and leg there […]


        Quick and easy to make, keeps the kids entertained for hours.  It’s backyard fun for all ages.   Materials:   1.  4 piece of plywood 2.  Chalkboard paint (3 coat minimum) 3.  Paintbrush

Beaded Jewelry

Here’s a craft that is fun and easier than you think.  I was very intimidated at first, but once I tried it I was amazed.  The materials are very affordable and there are several tutorials on YouTube.  My favorite tutorials are from Beadifulnights they are very clear and easy to follow, her jewelry is beautiful. […]

Wreath Making

Making wreaths at home is fun, easy, and creative! It’s a great hobby to pursue, and it spices up your home decor with your own personal touch! They can be customized to fit any season, they’re versatile, and they can be made out of anything. The steps to make a homemade wreath aren’t difficult, either! […]

Mason Jar Crafts

Mason jar crafts are unique, rustic, and very pretty! They can add a spark of charm to any table or counter space, and they are easy to customize to your specific tastes! You can paint them to turn them into the prettiest flower vase for a sprig of lavender, fill them with fairy lights for […]

DIY Snow Globes

DIY Snow Globes Whether it’s for a holiday, an occasion, or a souvenir, snow globes are a much-loved object by many people. There’s something about a miniature scene inside of a glass orb with sparkling �snow’ falling around it once it has been lightly shaken that makes this beloved piece of decoration magical. Snow globes […]

Mason Jar Craft Ideas

There are quite a few creative things to make with a mason jar, one thing being a candle holder. This craft project can be done by adults or children, as long as there’s parental supervision, and it only requires a mason jar, glue, glitter, and a tealight candle. The first step is to coat the […]

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