Wreath making tips

October will be here soon, but a lot of us are already looking forward to December and the Holidays: Christmas light, decorations, Christmas cakes and sweet, singing carols, spending time with our family and loved ones…

Some of us are so excited that we are already making decorations such as the lovely and fancy wreaths almost every family hangs in their front door: they are perhaps the cheapest yet most good looking option if you are looking to do some of the decorations yourself.

However, making wreaths can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools so we will offer some wreath making tips to help you with your project:

If you are looking to make a base in wood, remember that most wood isn’t exactly pliable so work with what you have. If you want softwood, gather thin branches of trees such as hazelnut.

If you want to wrap lights around your wreath make sure they don’t get too hot or you could cause a fire!

Reinforcing the base with wire is great if you are looking to use heavy decorations.

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