DIY Snow Globes

DIY Snow Globes

Whether it’s for a holiday, an occasion, or a souvenir, snow globes are a much-loved object by many people. There’s something about a miniature scene inside of a glass orb with sparkling �snow’ falling around it once it has been lightly shaken that makes this beloved piece of decoration magical. Snow globes can come in many different sizes with many different scenes. Considering this, anyone can make DIY snow globes.


To make DIY snow globes, the materials that are needed are a jar, water, glitter, glue and miniature objects that are water-resistant.

Step 1

Clean out the jar with warm water and soap.

Step 2

Fill the jar with clean water and add in a generous amount of glitter.

Step 3

Take the lid of the jar and turn it upside down on a flat surface so that the side of the lid that will be facing the inside of the jar is facing upwards. Take the miniature figurines and glue them to the inside of the lid in a scene-like position.

Step 4

Squirt some glue around the inner edge of the lid and screw on the lid to the jar.

In Conclusion

This is how you can make DIY snow globes.

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