Getting Started

Finding a craft really depends on what you enjoy and your personality. If you’re looking for relaxing indoor crafts you might choose something involving yarn like knitting or crocheting; if you are more of a rugged, outdoorsy type, then maybe a craft using wood and metal like a birdhouse is more your style. Whatever the case, the main idea is having fun and keeping your mind active. Once you find a craft that you like, practice, practice, and practice some more. It might take a few attempts but setting aside a little time each day and completing each craft really creates a sense of accomplishment, and boosts self esteem. If you’re still a bit overwhelmed by choosing a craft, there are several websites and local arts and crafts stores that sell supplies and craft kits that include the supplies you need with basic instructions on how to complete your craft. There are also many videos and tutorials online that will guide you step-by-step. Now all you need to do is get started and have fun!

Wreath making tips

October will be here soon, but a lot of us are already looking forward to December and the Holidays: Christmas light, decorations, Christmas cakes and sweet, singing carols, spending time with our family and loved ones…

Some of us are so excited that we are already making decorations such as the lovely and fancy wreaths almost every family hangs in their front door: they are perhaps the cheapest yet most good looking option if you are looking to do some of the decorations yourself.

However, making wreaths can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools so we will offer some wreath making tips to help you with your project:

If you are looking to make a base in wood, remember that most wood isn’t exactly pliable so work with what you have. If you want softwood, gather thin branches of trees such as hazelnut.

If you want to wrap lights around your wreath make sure they don’t get too hot or you could cause a fire! Read more »

Mental Health and Crafting

A lot of people struggle with mental health and other issues these days. Some people struggle with anger issues, depression, anxiety, and other mental conditions. However, mental health and crafting can be associated with one another.

Arts or crafting can be a really great means of therapy to help those who struggle with their mental health. When you do crafts, you create. This is a great way for those who have anger issues or depression as they get to use their hands to be productive and for creation rather than for self-harm or destruction. When you do arts, you are also calm and composed and you get to be creative. This is relaxing and can really help those with anxiety.

Art is self-expression and there is no right or wrong with art. This is one thing that we must apply to our lives in which we take control over our lives and defeat our problems. It involves a process and is not easy but it is worth it and enjoyable. It also stimulates the brain and we eliminate stress in the process of crafting as well.

Mason Jar Craft Ideas

There are so many things that you can do with mason jars. Mason jars have been really popular in the previous years as they are used for parties, on cafes with coffee, frappes, and other beverages. Mason jars are not just used for drinks, they are also used as containers for candies and cookies.

They are are also really great decorative products. For mason jar craft ideas, you can simply decorate your mason jars. You can paint them or add decorations and glitters and turn them into flower vases. You may also turn them into pen holders.

You may also use your mason jars as lamps. You just need to put some fairy lights inside and you are good to go. There are so many different mason jar craft ideas that you can do to turn your mason jars into decorative as well as useful items in your house. Read more »

Tips on How To Choose Kids Craft Supplies

Want to start a craft box for your child? Making crafts is a good way to bring out the kid’s creativity. Also, a great venue for them to use their time properly and be entertained, too. So, what should you put into your kid’s craft box? Here are some useful tips to start you with that.

First, consider your child’s age, of course. Younger kids craft supplies may seem too uninteresting and childish to your tweeners and teeners. Likewise, young adults’ craft supplies may be too difficult to use for toddlers and preschoolers.

There are many products that feature age-appropriate art supplies. Make sure that you will get the right one for your child. Get something fun, engaging, suitable, and useful. Another important thing is acquiring kids’ craft supplies that are non-toxic, safe, and washable. Read more »

Find Your Craft

I’ve been crafting on and off my whole life, but with work and kids, I just found less and less time for it.  Once my kids were grown and I had all this time on my hands I found bead working and fell in love with it.  I started making jewelry and was even able to make a little money with my pieces.

Unfortunately, I began to lose my eyesight and gave up crafting all together which devastated me.  Without crafting I lost my joy and it wasn’t until I found new crafts that I could do that I got my joy back.

I realized that no matter your circumstances there is always a craft you can do.  So find what grabs you, what piques your curiosity, and if it doesn’t work out, try again because there are so many options.  Some experts online even say that crafts, such as knitting and crocheting, relieve stress, and have a calming effect on the mind. So what are you waiting for? Find your craft.

Mason Jar Craft Ideas

There are quite a few creative things to make with a mason jar, one thing being a candle holder. This craft project can be done by adults or children, as long as there’s parental supervision, and it only requires a mason jar, glue, glitter, and a tealight candle.

The first step is to coat the inside of the mason jar with glue and then pour a generous amount of glitter into the jar. Close the jar and shake it to get the glitter evenly spread and wait for it to dry. Shake out the excess glitter, insert a tealight candle, and you have a glittery candle holder.

You can also transform mason jars into picture frames and vases. This can be as easy as cleaning out a mason jar, folding a picture inside, and turning the jar upside down and putting it out for display.

To make a vase out of the jar, you can paint the exterior, fill the inside with soil, and plant a flower or put in a succulent.

Read more »

Crafting Supplies

For a start in this world of handicrafts, you always think of all kinds of materials that we think are necessary and it usually gets out of control. It should be borne in mind that the crafts are varied and depending on the technique used are the materials and supplies required, likewise, we need a storage place that helps us work in a clean, organized, and safe way. To achieve successful and quality work. Below is a varied list of craft supplies.

Crafting Supplies:


  • Cardboard
  • Wax paper
  • Silk paper
  • Construction paper
  • Contact paper
  • Paper towels
  • Cellophane
  • Brown paper bags
  • Newspapers


  • Colored pencils
  • Colored chalks
  • Scissors
  • Brushes
  • Drilling machines
  • Foam brushes
  • Rules
  • Wooden pallets
  • Threads
  • Doll eyes
  • Elastic bands
  • Sequins
  • Buttons
  • Glue
  • Paints
  • Brushes
  • Erasers
  • Drawing pencils


Read more »

Wreath Making

Making wreaths at home is fun, easy, and creative! It’s a great hobby to pursue, and it spices up your home decor with your own personal touch! They can be customized to fit any season, they’re versatile, and they can be made out of anything! The steps to make a homemade wreath aren’t difficult, either! Simply pick your materials, imagine and create your design, put it together, edit it, perfect it, and hang it up for all to see!

All you need is a base, decorations, glue, and your own personal creative flair! Take some ribbons from long-forgotten gift boxes, flowers from your prized, garden, and fresh branches from your holly tree to make a beautiful masterpiece!

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Discounted Craft Supplies

Difficult economic times require creativity when it comes to gifts or to make your home more attractive. That is why, recently, the popularity of arts and crafts has increased. Although acquiring items for arts and crafts can sometimes be a little more expensive, especially when you need to do something special. This is when finding discounted goods can go a long way.

Getting goods for crafting is always very easy because everything is very likely to be at home, which can be a good supply. Nature is filled with many free things, such as shells, stones, leaves, bark, and even weeds, which could be an excellent decoration in a creative masterpiece of decorative art.

However, when supplies from craft stores are genuinely needed, there are more options than ever. Many online stores and local dollar stores now sell these materials at lower prices than traditional stores. Anyone can get wholesale goods for needlework at a discount because those who buy in bulk are guaranteed to receive discounts.

These days, it’s not difficult to find discounted goods, especially if you are looking for craft shops or handicraft goods that have significant discounts online for sales or deals. You can get all kinds of needlework products at lower prices, from threads to small buttons and silk flowers, among others that can be used for scrap booking. These craft stores offer items such as baskets, frames, and even items that are hard to find, such as doll hands or teddy bear eyes.

Another good thing anyone can do to make sure that he or she is getting a real deal with a discount on crafts is to shop before settling in a particular store. Comparing purchases is the best way to find out that you are getting handicraft products at a lower price. It is also vital to ensure that the craft supplier has quality products. Receiving discounted goods does not mean that you must also compromise the quality of your purchase.

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